GADGET: GlobAl Distribution of GEnetic Traits
- Global Distribution of Genetic Traits - is a visual platform for exploring the genetic basis of human phenotypic diversity.*

In the Explore mode, users can visualize genome-wide polygenic trait scores (PTS) for >800 human traits calculated in 2,504 genomes distributed across 26 global populations. In the Compute mode, users can upload custom SNP sets to visualize global PTS distributions for their own traits of interest.

Chande, A. T., Wang, L., Rishishwar, L., Conley, A. B., Norris, E. T., Valderrama-Aguirre, A., & Jordan, I. K. (2018). GlobAl Distribution of GEnetic Traits (GADGET) web server: polygenic trait scores worldwide. Nucleic Acids Research, 46(W1), W121-W126. DOI

*GADGET is intended as a tool for researchers to explore population-specific distributions of genetic variants that have been associated with a wide variety of human traits. Users of this site should treat the results with caution, as the interpretation PTS across populations can be complicated by a number of factors. We provide more detail on these issues on the Learn page and in our manuscript describing the server.